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Infrastructures and Technology

From day one of its operations Teleresponse gives special attention in the areas of infrastructure and technology.

The headquarters of Teleresponse is in Nea Ionia, Attica. There, in the new privately owned facilities, the products are stored and the services are offered.

With continuous investments in manpower, equipment and software Teleresponse can deliver fully to your needs, assuring a top level of service.

Quick facts on Teleresponse: 

  • Own service platform for flexibility in the requirements of its customers
  • Privately owned Data Center with complete data security
  • Warehouse area: 20.000 cubic meters
  • 50+ specialized professionals
  • Advanced technology call center
  • 1.900 telephone lines
  •  Power generator for uninterrupted power supply
  • Connection with 4 independent fiber optics providers
  • Private water supply outside the State Water Supply services
  • Uninterrupted operation, 24 hours a day under any conditions, to protect your sales


How can we help?
Our commercial department is always at your disposal

The secret I want to share with you is simple: do not be afraid to invest in E-commerce.
Reduce your risk in the beginning. Learn from the experts how to organize your business. Do not be afraid to outsource, use the best professionals in the market, proceed according to your budget and goals and Good Luck!

Yiannis Kourniotis
Founder, Main Shareholder

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