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By aiming for the correct and effective servicing of your customers, our service guarantees swift and accurate order management from parcel order invoicing to the parcel dispatch within Logistics Plus  guarantees a fast and correct order management, from invoicing to shipment.

Stages of servicing

  • Order invoicing
  • Product picking through WMS scanning
  • Invoice printing with your trademark and messages
  • Final Automatic checking and product validation during order fulfillment in the packaging area which zeros possible mistakes
  • Parcel preparation and insertion of marketing material
  • Parcel pick up by courier or direct pick up from warehouse
  • Parcel pick up by courier or direct pick up from warehouse
  • Parcel amendment management regarding change of delivery address, method of payment and the rest
  • Management of alternative delivery address etc.

Select the benefits of Logistics Plus service for swift, accurate and efficient invoicing and dispatching of your orders!

Frequent questions

In Logistics Plus you can deposit part or all of your stock, so that the smooth flow in the service of your online store is ensured.

Logistics Plus has state-of-the-art storage and inventory management facilities and is ISO 22000 certified for the storage and handling of Dry Food and Beverages. It also has BIO Certification for storage and management of biological categorized products.

 Logistics Plus has cooperation agreements with well-known courier companies, achieving significant economies of scale and at the same time ensuring through long-term cooperation that the service remains immediate, without delays in the delivery of parcels even in difficult conditions.

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