The company

Teleresponse was founded in 1996 specializing in providing full services in the area of Customer Service, with long term relationships as well as a wide range of clients having well-known brands.

With the development of e-commerce a new service was added to also provide full support in the area of logistics to e-commerce businesses.

During all these years we have supported our clients in a variety of activities responsibly and effectively. Using customized solutions and comprehensive approaches our clients’ needs are swiftly met at every project stage.

Management as well as expert executives of our company, cover a particularly wide range of know-how in the area of Logistics and Customer service with clear procedures and international standards.

Our Philosophy

Teleresponse offers full state of art services to e-commerce business with the aim of providing positive customer experience to the end consumer.

Particularly to Businesses, Teleresponse:

  • Offers full service of our partner’s needs through a creative dialogue
  • Paves the path for sales growth while guaranteeing a positive customer experience
  • Fulfills all the upcoming business’s needs
  • Preserves a long lasting relationship with mutual benefits
How can we help?
Our commercial department is always at your disposal

The secret I want to share with you is simple: do not be afraid to invest in E-commerce.
Reduce your risk in the beginning. Learn from the experts how to organize your business. Do not be afraid to outsource, use the best professionals in the market, proceed according to your budget and goals and Good Luck!

Yiannis Kourniotis
Founder, Main Shareholder

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